Dr. Gerry van Oossanen

studied Veterinary Rehabilitation Medicine and Sciences at the Universities of Antwerp and Utrecht and graduated on equine movement science (research subject: the triangle horse-saddle-rider) and has a Master degree in Equine Physical Therapy Science. She is also a chartered animal physical therapist, certified acupuncturist and certified equine thermographer (Ohio State University). She is the Founder and  Director of the Academy for Master Saddle Fitting Consultants. She has specialized in back and neck disorders (especially in relation to saddles and bridles), and neurologic movement disorders and she developed a special back friendly horse & rider rehab training program. She set up the first Rehab Centre for Horse & Rider, which she run for many years in The Netherlands before she recently moved to France.

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Marlous van de Ven-Rabou

Marlous studied at the Agricultural College in Holland. She also did the full MSFC saddle fitting course and Saddlery course. She works fulltime as a saddle fitter and saddler in France and Luxembourg.

Have a look at her website www.saddlefittinglorraine.fr