During this course you will learn the basics of saddle fitting. It does not matter what kind of saddle you want to fit (English, western, Spanish, treeless), the basics for all these type of saddles are the same. In this course we therefore chose the English saddle (used by the majority) as the saddle to work from. Other type of saddles, like Western, treeless and adjustable saddles will be discussed shortly.

The course is designed for people to combine it with a full time job. You can sign in at any time that suits you. The theoretical part you can do at home in your own tempo, so it can fit in your family situation. The exam will be by computer, so you can do that also at a time that suits you best. For the practical part, dates will be planned and you can come whenever weeks are suitable to you. More information will follow soon.

The subjects are: anatomy of the horse and the rider, conformation, physiology, biomechanics, back problems and the influence of the rider and the saddle, nutrition and feeding condition, poor movement and lameness, saddle construction, saddle faults, saddle fitting, bridle fitting, scientific research.

You will learn to subscribe a horse’s signalement, conformation and condition; to do a proper back exam and check the horse for lameness and know when to send it in to a vet; to measure a horse’s back to be able to find the correct saddle; to fit a correct saddle; know when and how to use therapeutic pads and girths correctly; recognise the influence of poor movement to your saddle fit; the influence of the rider and how to deal with it.

Please send an e-mail to msfc.nl@gmail.com if you have more questions.

The exam holds three parts: conformation, checking for problems and measuring the horse; saddle fault filding; and the actual saddle fitting If you have passed all three parts you will receive the well respected diploma of the Academy of MSFC and you use the registered title  “Master Saddle Fitting Consultant”.