You can start the theoretical part any time you want, and can study in your own time and tempo. How much time you need to study, depends on your own capabilities and circumstances, but this course is especially made to combine with a fulltime job.

For the practical weeks dates will be provided, at least once a year, but depending on the amount of students, it could be twice a year. We try to be as flexible in this as possible. You can enter a practical week when it suits you when offered, or wait till the next coming.

The following practical weeks are planned:

May 20 – 26, 2019
September 9-15, 2019

May 18-24, 2020

Additional compact saddlery course for saddle fitters:

May 27 – June 4, 2019
September 16-24, 2019 ?????

May 25 – June 2, 2020