Our saddlery courses are very intens and in small groups. The set up of the course is that you only learn in depth what you will use in real life, and not all the things you will never do in a real saddler workshop. Tools can be brought along or can be bought at the school.

Compact saddlery course for saddle fitters

In this module you will be trained in the basic skills of what you need to be able to do as a saddle fitter, which means you need to be able to do little adjustments and repairs to a saddle and bridle, and above all, you need to be good at reflocking and rebalancing a saddle.

What will you learn during this course?
  • health and safety, since you work with very sharp tools
  • how to use, to sharpen and to maintain your tools
  • stitching with two needles
  • use of “stitching clams”
  • cutting of leather pieces
  • preparation of the leather for stitching
  • recognise different quality of leather
  • making a small leather item like a belt
Examples of repairs shown/practiced:
  • changing a girth system in ‘point straps’ and correct V-girth system
  • replace girth straps if they are torn
  • repair a cut in a seat
  • repairs of flaps and kneeblocks, repair of the forepiece
  • fix D-rings to the saddle for saddle bags
  • repair of broken flexible point or make flexible point when not there

During this module new flocking tecniques will be taught and new insights in what flocking can do to a horse. The saddle needs to fit the horse like a glove after you reflocked it or rebalanced it.

What will you learn?:
  • take the panel of
  • check the tree
  • remove the flock and correct stitching is needed
  • use of new flocking tecniques and materials
  • correct flocking of a saddle with and without lining
  • use and purpose of quilts
  • balancing the saddle on a horse’s back
  • solving problems with therapeutic pads

Groups 8 people.