The whole amount is due when you want to start the course. It is possible however, to pay in two parts of € 1225,00 incl. administration fee (one instalment before your books are send, and one before you enter the practical weeks),  or in three parts of € 835,00 incl. administration costs (one part before your books are send, one part half way and the last part a month before you come over for your practical part).

When a student, due to unforeseen reasons, not want to attend the practical part, till 4 weeks before the practical part is starting, this part can be cancelled. The student is always obliged to pay at least half of the course fee.  In case a student paid the full fee, half of the fee will be credited. In case of two instalments there is no creditation and the student is exempted from paying the other half.. In case of three instalments the students is still due to pay the resisting amount.

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