The following fee is due: € 2.400,00.
The whole amount is due when you want to start the course. It is possible however, to pay in two parts of € 1225,- (incl. administration fee); the second payment needs ot be on our account one month before the practical week starts) or in three parts of € 835,00 incl. administration fee (one before your books are send, one in between, and one a month before you enter the practical weeks).

Included is: a course map, a study book, template set, coffee/tea and lodging in our group accommodation (see our syllabus with all details)


You can download a registration form or ask for one :

Best to pay by transfer to bankaccount
IBAN: NL66INGB0004871530
ING Amsterdam
in name of MSFC BV,  Assen

or you can pay with PayPal to  Make sure you pay with no costs for us, otherwise we won’t receive the correct amount!